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Windows Reboot can help you shutting down the system at a specified time. In fact it can perform some other actions beside "shut down". The list of actions:
The difference between "shut down" and "power off" can be seen on systems earlyer then WinXP SP1.
.NET Framework
The application is made in C#.NET 2.0 and needs the .NET Framework to be installed on your machine.
Windows Reboot is open source released under the GNU GPL3 license.
The story
The story started when I decided to make an application that should close my system in case I fall asleep before the end of the movie. That is how the Windows Reboot 1.0 appeared. It was made in VB.NET.
The versions 1.1 and 1.2 came with some small improvements. This versions where not released for the public.
Recently I translated the application into C#.NET and changed a little the interface. This is the 1.3 version and is released under the GPL license.
Windows Reboot Tray Icon Action Time Action Type